Conference (USA): Adventures Unlimited & World Explorers Club

Date: 27-03-2001

A three-day (May 5-6, 2001) gala event in Kempton, Illinois featuring an inclusive brunch on May 6 of the year 2001.

Guest Speakers
* David Hatcher Childress: Atlantis, Ancient Technology & the New Millennium
* Christopher Dunn: The Giza Power Plant: Latest Discoveries
* Kenn Thomas: On the Trail of the Octopus
* Acharya S.: Ancient Mystery Schools and the Christ Conspiracy
* Jerry Smith: Tesla Beam Weapons and HAARP
* and more discussion between speakers.

The conference will be held at the Adventures Unlimited building at One Adventure Place in downtown Kempton, Illinois. The One Adventure Place building houses the Adventures Unlimited Bookstore/Cafe as well as the catalog sales division and the conference center. Across the street is the Peppermill Restaurant and Sgt. Pepper’s Bar & Grill. Kempton is located in northern Illinois about 65 miles from Chicago's major airports.

The Cost
Cost of the Complete Conference:
$90 before April 25, 2001.
$100 thereafter.

Motels can be found in the nearby towns of Dwight, Kankakee and Pontiac Illinois.
Call your favorite motel chain for their nearest location in this area.
Call for more information: World Explorers Club Tel: 815-253-9000
or Fax: 815-253-6300 or Adventures Unlimited at Tel: 815-253-6390.

Accommodations are not included in the conference fee.
Lunch, dinner, and the cocktail party are included.
Drinks (except for the cocktail party) are not included.

Accommodations can be found at several bed and breakfast establishments in Kempton, Stelle, Dwight, Kankakee, and other nearby towns.
Kempton's bed and breakfast location, The Knight’s Armour B&B at 222 Second Street Street.
Call 1-815-253-9000 to book a room.

Accommodations are limited in Kempton, so book early.
The “self-sufficient” community of Stelle is 5 miles away to the east and contains a B&B.
Other towns with motels and Bed & Breakfasts are 15-25 miles away in various directions.

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